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  • Audiogram


    The audiogram illustrates your hearing ability by showing your hearing threshold at various frequencies.

  • Balance Testing

    Balance Testing

    Medical Device Depot sells the Vestibular Autorotation Testing System, a balance testing machine with high reimbursement.

  • Tympanogram


    Tympanometry is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the … A normal tympanogram (left) is labelled Type A. There is a normal pressure in the middle ear with normal mobility of the eardrum and ossicles.

  • Acoustic Reflex

    Acoustic Reflex

    The acoustic reflex (also known as the stapedius reflex, middle-ear-muscles (MEM) reflex, attenuation reflex, or auditory reflex) is an involuntary muscle contraction that occurs in the middle ear in response to high-intensity sound stimuli or when the person starts to vocalize.

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